???? Still Running Forms? Now is the Time to Modernize !!!!

Oracle Forms applications still play a vital role, but many are looking for ways to modernize their applications. Modernize your Oracle Forms applications by migrating them to Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) in the cloud.

Oracle APEX is a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that you can deploy anywhere. You can quickly develop and deploy compelling apps that solve real problems and provide immediate value.

???? Similarities Between Forms and APEX :

✅ SAME PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : With APEX also being built on PL/SQL, developers will not need to learn new programming languages such as Java or C# to develop and maintain applications.


???? Advantages of APEX Over Oracle Forms :

✅ APEX comes FREE with Oracle Database. If you are migrating from Forms to APEX, you are already using Oracle Database;

✅ Accessing APEX applications requires Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) which must be deployed to an application server. Unlike Oracle Forms, you are not limited to only using Oracle WebLogic Server to deploy ORDS for accessing APEX. You may also use open source application servers such as Apache Tomcat and Eclipse Jetty. As a result, WebLogic licenses are no longer required for running APEX unless you choose to use WebLogic for deploying ORDS.

✅ Applications being able to run from any web browser on a PC or Mac, they can also be run on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Able to create mobile-friendly applications.

✅ Developers will not need to have software installed on their PCs such as Oracle Forms Builder, JDeveloper, or other IDEs to develop APEX applications. Development can be done within a web browser.

✅ Designing the user interface of the applications is much easier with different themes and styles pre-packaged within APEX. Quickly build nice dashboards.

✅ You don´t need to migrate your Oracle Reports to Publisher at the same time, do later, you´re able to call your Oracle Reports from Apex as well.

✅ APEX is also compatible with Oracle Database in the cloud including Autonomous Database. Autonomous Database involves running a full Oracle Database in the cloud without needing to manage the infrastructure. With Autonomous Database, common DBA tasks such as patching, backup, and recovery are fully automated.

✅ Keep all .rdf reports with same parameters & layout & run with Oracle APEX. Even Oracle EBS Reports integrate with Oracle APEX.

???? What we Offer :

IGNITE TECHNOLOGY offers a full range of consulting services to help analyze your business requirements for effective implementation of solutions as follows :

STEP 01. ANALYSIS : Existing Oracle Developer application is analyzed.

STEP 02. STRATEGY : Based on the analysis, set the strategy of the required work and share with your team.

STEP 03. MIGRATION : The entire Oracle Developer Application will be converted to APEX.

STEP 04. TESTING : Before Go-Live, Test & Tune the new system.




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